Green Scream

At 3pm on Saturday 19th February Freya Johnson Ross presents ‘green scream’ – a live performance by Alice Hill-Woods and Chrissy Stirling from our studio in the Creative Lab.

‘green scream’ is both a text and script for performance, rooted in research exploring modes and situations in which humans employ a ‘mask’ – emotionally, through dissimulation, role playing, miming, lip syncing, or mimesis. You are invited to participate in the performance by downloading the and voicing a part in dialogue with the studio performers’ broadcast. 

The expanded radio performance draws on metaphors of landscape and colour as sites for potential emotion and ambiguity. It offers an opportunity for listeners to reflect on their positionality as well as personal experience of masking and performance. It is divided into three sections i. green screen ii. sea bream and iii. how many masks. The audio and performers shift throughout: in the first section a recorded voice speaks the text, with text in square brackets the listener can speak or read in dialogue. In the second section a live performer speaks the text, again with potential dialogue with the listener. In the third section, two live performers are in dialogue with each other. 

Script & Instructions for performance