Open Corner

Open Corner

Open Corner are the duo of Asha Sheshadri and Christian Mirande who first came to our attention through their outstanding debut album ‘Empty Pool To No One’ released on Sean McCann’s Recital Records in 2018. In the words of Sean McCann:

“Vocal accounts of mundane suburbia and human despondency by Asha, under a woven forest of pops and cracks and creaks courtesy of Christian. In a way the texts remind me of Robert Ashley’s “Au Pair” pieces (from the 2nd Atalanta CD), overrun by the swamp of a broken dishwasher and a leaking wine fridge. Emotionally and sonically claustrophobic. A unique take on voice and sound: in-between an audiobook and a sound-map.” 

Their radiophonic approach to sound composition is a perfect fit with the medium of radio so we were excited to commission them to revisit this collaboration and create a new piece for broadcast on Radiophrenia. This will be a longer term collaborative process that will take place over the coming months resulting in a new work that will be presented later either as a one-off special listening event or for broadcast in a following edition of Radiophrenia.

Asha Sheshadri is a Philadelphia based multidisciplinary artist and musician. Her work has been exhibited and performed at spaces including Artists Space, Vox Populi, and the MIT List Visual Arts Center. She has released recordings on Further Records, Entr’acte, and Recital Program, with a forthcoming work to be released on the Anomia imprint.

Christian Mirande is a Philadelphia based sound artist and musician with releases on Glistening Examples, Hanson Records, Recital, No Rent and Vitrine among others.