Alëna Korolëva

commissioned radio productions

Alëna Korolëva – “Premonitions

TX: Monday, 21st August, 6pm – 6.30pm  + Wednesday, 23rd August, midday – 12.30pm

Whenever I go, I can’t help but notice signs of a looming change. I eavesdrop on conversations of creatures big and small, and like me, they seem uneasy and uncertain about what’s to come. Something is in the air, dark clouds gather, winds are shifting course. Amidst the confusion and restlessness, the voices of natural and human-made worlds blend in a worrisome symphony. This piece is an ode to anticipation, to the beauty of different forms of life on the brink of the sixth mass extinction. Joining in the chorus are the American toad, northern winds, an old kettle, mr. Cat, tawny owl, crickets, domestic chickens and pigs, trumpeter swans, honey bees, truck horns, cormorants, seagulls and other elements and critters.

Alëna Korolëva is an artist and curator, who works with sound, photo and video.

Her sound work is focused on field recordings, acoustic ecology, soundscape studies and acousmatic composition. Her technique employes elements of documentary storytelling and experimental music.

Based in Toronto, Canada.