Commissioned Radio Productions

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 we are unable to present our usual series of Live-to-Air performances from the CCA theatre this year. As a result of this we have been able to commission more new studio productions.

We have selected a range of artists and producers from Scotland and further afield, both established practitioners and those new to working with radio. We discovered many of these artists through their submissions to our open call in previous years. These productions are a showcase for the diverse and inventive approach to the medium that Radiophrenia represents. After receiving their premiere on Radiophrenia these works will be syndicated to our partner stations around the world.

Our Production Commissions are supported by Creative Scotland, WORM, Supernormal and Kunstradio.

Commissioned Artists

Marja Ahti, Rena Anakwe, Ain Bailey, Helena Celle, Cucina Povera, Double Goocher Shop, Nwando Ebizie, Jeff Gburek, Ashanti Harris, Mark Lyken, Aki Onda, OOR_Scintilla, Roy Claire Potter & Kieron Piercy, Gabi Schaffner, Soft Tissue, Nika Son, Eothen Stearn, Tandsmør, Alexis Weaver

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