Astrid Björklund

commissioned radio productions

Astrid Björklund – “An Oneirophonic Account of a Venture to the Second Moon”

TX: Saturday, 26th August, 6pm – 6.30pm  + Friday, 28th September, midday – 12.30pm

In 2019, a new natural satellite was discovered orbiting our moon. Things have not been the same since.

One day you are here. And then suddenly you’re not here. You’re not anywhere. In “An Oneirophonic Account of a Venture to the Second Moon” a disembodied voice recollects its memories of a failed expedition to the satellite orbiting Earth’s moon: the second moon. This piece – part science fiction radio drama, part fragmented soundscape – weaves a sonic tapestry that attempts to explain what it’s like to be consumed by the unknown – something that words alone can’t describe – creating a narrative set outside time and reality.

Written, recorded and edited by Astrid Björklund.

Several voices in this work have been synthesised using ElevenLabs.

All things in this piece are fictional, except for the things that are not.

Astrid Björklund is a Swedish visual artist and amateur sound weaver. Her work draws on the theories of the “Chthonic” (of relating to, or in, the underground), fiction, mythmaking, and thoughts surrounding the uncertainty, awe and ambiguity of life, with a pinch of existential dread. Noise, music and ambience for this work have been created using various synthesised, found, created and recorded sounds.