Elina Bry

Thursday 31st August

live-to-air performances

Elina Bry  – “Les Mots* du Corps ~ *Sanat/Säryt *Words/Aches 

CCA Theatre, from 7pm Thursday 31st August.
Tickets: Pay what you can from the CCA Box Office

Does the body only ache in the language the ache was felt in? 

When a person speaks different languages does emotions get stored in the language the emotions were felt or are all the emotions stored within the potluck which is the body. 

I reflect on how a body keeps ache in its languages rather than its body parts. We are familiar with the term muscle memory, the body keeps the score, but what happens to people who are multilingual and reflecting and experiencing life in different languages and cultures. Do they have different personas depending on the language they speak? Do they all feel different?

If I cry in Finnish does my French side hurt? If I experience joy in French does my English side feel it too? I’ve never felt a heartbreak in Finnish. Does it mean that one third of my heart is pure?

If only we knew. 

*Mots : Sanat, Words

*Maux : Säryt, Aches

Elina Bry is French/Finnish, Glasgow based multidisciplinary artist. They work across video, storytelling and live performance, and is interested at listening to and re-staging the malfunctions of the human body. They are curious about the body as a sentient arena; as a responsive tool and as a protagonist of an everyday drama. By that, they investigate the known, model it and work in collaboration with the instability of their body. It is essential that they don’t cause any harm as they want to challenge their body with the everyday, in order to give a stage and witness what is already there.