MP Hopkins

Saturday 2nd September

live-to-air performances

MP Hopkins – “Creases”

CCA Theatre, from 7pm Saturday 2nd September.
Tickets: Pay what you can from the CCA Box Office

Encoded extras. Concentrating on the almost of saying. A tissue-thin memory that balances one’s tongue. Close voice touching. The infeasible inside. Slipping into the upkeep of the word. Debilitated. Mother. Transcription is the most ideal approach to imprint the basic distance. Wrinkles. Doubt in sharp words. Holes. Hexed words are your singular satisfaction. What has been said can’t be replayed. Stammering and sense. Creases in the copyist. Taped recollections mumbling endlessly on the loss of home. Entering the record as gas. Reflected words proposing systems for excusing themselves. Liquidation. A recorder that doesn’t have the foggiest idea about how to remain in the pained space around productive language. You hear a song in yourself that steers you clear of yourself. Inscription as a testimony to ejection. 


MP Hopkins is a sound artist and musician working on Gadigal and Wangal land in Sydney, Australia. He uses voice, feedback, recording/playback devices, and text scores within different acoustic environments, which are deconstructed and presented to the listener in delicate and degraded ways.