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28 August 2023
  • Finbarr Dillon - ThatWhichCanNotBeCuredMustBeEndured

    28 August 2023  12:00 am - 1:00 am

    In April 2000 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Alas has no Known Cause nor Cure for this life impacting, disabling disease. Presently, there is what are called DMTs -  “Disease Modifying Therapies” which can alter the course of the  disease by slowing down the rate of progression of the disease. But still no cure. The  disease is still omnipresent in peoples lives, with out a cure the disease just drones on and on and on ad infinitum, with little or no relief.To capture the droning nature of MS, 'ThatWhichCanNotBeCuredMustBeEndured' is a one hour one minute and 35 seconds drone.
  • Shaun Robert - sinasess cymatics

    28 August 2023  1:00 am - 2:00 am

    A selection of works:  
    001 frequentative 
    002 Le orem 
    003 Nāda 
    004 Stealth 
    005 kookookoo 
    006 tribulus 
    007 sterquilinus 
    008 Black Crowl
  • Jed Miner - Potophysikal Nelvauticus

    28 August 2023  2:00 am - 4:15 am

    Recorded live on Eurorack modular synthesizer, Jan. 2023 in Brooklyn NY. Material is from several sessions that were edited together - recorded from the internal synthesizer case speakers. All sounds are generated by feedback generated withing the make noise/Soundhack Mimeophon delay module controlled by a make noise Rene and Rossum MOE and Control Forge. A four module based system for improvisational noise and self playing "Krell" patches. I interact with the instrument using gestures to create voltages on touch plates arranged in a grid to interact with digital quantizers and random function generators. The result is a feedbackscape of sound embodied within the acoustics of my home often playing for extended 24 hour plus freeform sessions tuning the feedback endlessly like a drifting radio dial. Jed Miner is an Artist working in mixed media and sound. Born in Manhattan, NY in 1975, he has developed a sound art practice based in the exploration of recorded media and synthesized sound. A Duchampian sense of the sound object creates new languages based on modern consumer cultures. I've been observing media to the point where my consciousness feels of a lower resolution perceptually. Glitches in everyday life become artifacts.
  • The Conduction Series - Audio Weeds aka Glitch

    28 August 2023  4:15 am - 5:15 am


    The Conduction Series is a collaborative live radio broadcast produced by a group of sound and transmission artists across the Americas on Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7-FM Radio for Open Ears in New York’s Upper Hudson Valley. The group comes together on the first Friday of every month at 4:10pm ET using the web platform Mezcal. Emphasizing LIVE interactivity and media archaeological methods, the series explores themes of migration, feedback, user participation, low-key and on-site interaction with mobile devices, and remote collaboration at scale.
  • The Conduction Series - First Dates

    28 August 2023  5:15 am - 6:15 am


    The Conduction Series is a collaborative live radio broadcast produced by a group of sound and transmission artists across the Americas on Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7-FM Radio for Open Ears in New York’s Upper Hudson Valley. The group comes together on the first Friday of every month at 4:10pm ET using the web platform Mezcal. Emphasizing LIVE interactivity and media archaeological methods, the series explores themes of migration, feedback, user participation, low-key and on-site interaction with mobile devices, and remote collaboration at scale.
  • Manja Ristić - arhiva nestajanja, arhiva u nastajanju - 02 ZEZ Festival 2023 Mixtape

    28 August 2023  6:15 am - 7:00 am

    The mix includes excerpts from the releases:
    water memory – mnemosonic topographies of the Adriatic
    Kuda plovi ovaj brod? Where is this ship sailing?
    Awakenings [LINE_138]
    and more...
    Manja Ristić is a violinist, sound artist, poet, curator and researcher active in the fields of electroacoustic and classical music, instrumental improvisation and experimental sound art. Her work blends intuitive composition and field recording practices while focusing on interdisciplinary approaches to acousmatic forms, radio art, and acoustic ecology. Manja Ristić currently works and lives on the island of Korčula, Croatia.
  • Paul Mallatratt - Walks

    28 August 2023  7:00 am - 8:00 am

    As well as sitting still and listening to the world exist around me, I sometimes like to walk about, especially when a route might take me through differing soundscapes, like woodlands and towns, parks and busy traffic. I like the contrast between the tranquillity of a quiet, calming space and the urgency and chaos of the modern world. This field recording soundwalk mixes all these together and features walks through towns, cities, parks, supermarkets, woodlands and beaches in England, Scotland and Germany. Take a seat, relax, and open your ears.

    I have been making music in one form or another since the mid-1970s, but only started experimenting and creating electronic music at the turn of the millennium. As well as a producer, mixing engineer and field recordist I also play bass for UK blues maestro Danny Bryant and record and tour throughout the year. I release ambient electronic and field recording compositions under my own name.
  • Shorts 8

    28 August 2023  8:00 am - 9:00 am

    1) Bleepeater - Paroxysmal (2:23)  2) Adriana Knouf Selestra - Selestra_Dispatches from Radiotopia- Hamburg Rehearsal - 02 13560- Noisy RFID Devices Made Noisier (6:58 ) 3) Ryeshta -  Unit 0 (13:13 ) 4) Rosa Farber - Constant Pumping  (3:37) 5) Hakeem Adam - Here us out  (18:40)  6) Canaan Balsam -  This machine will grant any wish you desire except for your wish to see the machine destroyed (5:55) 7) Hannes Egger - Kitchen Performance or the Order of Things (6:17)

    1) Bleepeater - Paroxysmal

    This work finds an almost orchestrated brassy nature yet also appearing non structured
    With abrupt metallic jangles which I think maybe fitting for the show considering its expressionate flavour.

    Bleepeater lurks in the sonic underbelly of experimental audio using his super powers in sound design to craft all sorts of harmonic wizardry from bizarre to the most beautiful of creations the depths of which are limited only by the listeners imagination. 
    Twitter: @bleepeater  
    2) Selestra - Dispatches from Radiotopia- Hamburg Rehearsal:02 13560- Noisy RFID Devices Made Noisier

    Recorded during the first rehearsal of RADIOTOPIA, these tracks guide shortwave frequencies into a portable modular system for signal transmutation. Understanding or decoding is not the point, but rather these signals act like any other voltage in the system: one to be manipulated, one that can travel through the wires to modulate another parameter. Paired with algorithmic generation of melodies, the tracks manifest a merging of generated and captured voltages from around the world. More information can be found here:

    Selestra is a moniker of Adriana Knouf, PhD (NL/US), who works as an artist, writer, and xenologist, focusing on topics such as wet media, space art, and queer and trans futurities.

    3) Ryeshta - Unit 0

    The work was created when working with a compact cassette tape recorder and a delay effect. This made it possible to turn a standard recording of an English language course into a strange soundscape with a lot of noise, layering and delays. The analog sound of this work, in my opinion, is well suited for radio broadcasting.

    Ryeshta is a project from Ekaterinburg, Russia led by Victor Sapronov, the sound enthusiast, who uses in his work various noises, sounds of analog synthesizers, sounds of Russian folk instruments and field recordings. I managed to collaborate with experimental music magazine, underground labels, as well as with poets and musicians from Russia, Spain and Iran. And I have published musical works on internet platforms, vinyl and compact cassettes. 

    4) Rosa Farber - Constant Pumping  

    Written and edited by Rosa Farber/Voice by Anna Swenson/Archival audio includes voice of Toos Jeuken and voice of Andy Web/Drums by unknown/Technical assistance by Tom Chadwick

    ‘Constant pumping’ is the function whereby a tractor monitors and adjusts the machine it is pulling through the ground behind it. Before constant pumping was invented a draft animal (such as ox or horse) would drag a cultivator (such as plough or harrow) through the ground behind it with gravity as its only mechanism, therefore any large rocks or debris it met in the soil would affect the course of the machine and there would always be the risk of the machine getting stuck or broken. Constant pumping uses hydraulic feedback loops to control the draft, adjusting it as it goes, maintaining depth and pressure. Constant pumping, or draft control, engages with the resistance in the soil and instantly "corrects" the machine, so that if a heavy obstacle stands in its way (such as a boulder) it will lift the machine up, riding over the obstacle momentarily before resuming position. Equally if there is a hard piece of clay and the machine wants to change course because of the clay, constant pumping will keep it consistent in the soil, slicing through the clay.

    Rosa Farber is an artist and market gardener based in Mid Sussex, UK.

    5) Hakeem Adam - Here us out  

    What drives you as an artist? Is it the beautiful? The mysterious? Hakeem Adam’s work Here Us Out is driven by this question and looks for the meaning of expression. Although Adam feels betrayed by expression, as it can desert you in times of need, he is also constantly energized by the search for it.

    Here us out is a meditative exercise on reconciliatory thought. The audience is invited to listen in on a conversation attempting to form an opinion on the power and purpose contained in creative expression. It emerges from sound and video recordings of artists from Africa and its diaspora discussing aspects of their creative expression in their own voices. The installation constructs and holds space for the intentions, beliefs, vulnerabilities, habits, memories and emotions that drive and propel expression to be heard. The sounds establish a framework for exploring a central theme on creative drive. Here Us Out was developed for STRP 2023 as the awardee of the Creative Technology (ACT) 2023.

    Hakeem Adam is a Ghanaian digital artist and freelance arts and culture writer exploring the power of narrative. Hakeem has exhibited internationally at the CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival in Accra, Ghana (2018); Many Studios in Glasgow, Scotland (2018); Okay Space in New York, USA (2018); SPACE10 in Copenhagen, Denmark (2019); Abandon Normal Device (2021); York Mediale (2021) and IDFA (2021, 2022). He has participated in the British Council’s ColabNowNow Residency, Maputo (2018) and the Cryptic International Artist Residency, Scotland (2019). He has completed a master's in Digital Media from the University of the Arts, Bremen. He is also a recipient of the 2023 ACT Award (Award for Creative Technology), STRP Festival 2023. (Eindhoven, Holland)

    6 - Canaan Balsam -  This machine will grant any wish you desire except for your wish to see the machine destroyed

    The sadness of judging oneself against the endless blank verse of history. Credits: Narration by Daniel Mutch

    Canaan Balsam is an electronic composer and musician based in Edinburgh. They use field recordings, found sounds, hardware and a range of software to create immersive soundscapes. Their work explores the dead space between ambient and new age music; the liminal zone between the harshness of industrial and the beatific serenity of devotional music.

    7) Hannes Egger - Kitchen Performance or the Order of Things

    During lockdown 2020 between pots and pans, kitchen stove and work-desk, Hannes Egger has got up an audio performance that everyone can interpret from their homes. The six-minute slot first published on his website and then broadcasted on the radio for the Transart Festival is easy to perform following the spoken instructions. The invitation is to enjoy, in full awareness, a physical experience within the walls of the home, questioning how far our general habits, perceived life-view and criteria of order may be altered, and how much they will have to be tailored to new circumstances.

    Hannes Egger studied philosophy at Vienna University. His approach to art is basically conceptual, seeking audience involvement and interaction.
  • Radical Murmur - Episode 1 - The Sonic City

    28 August 2023  9:00 am - 10:15 am

    RADICAL MURMUR - A Sonic Exploration in Three Parts
    We live in a media era that is dominated by image and language, yet sound often seems less important. In Radical Murmur TRASHLINIE dives into the possibilities of the sonic dimension. In this triptych we meet thinkers, sound artists and composers who, in very different ways, take sound as their starting point. With them we try to learn to listen with new ears. How can "sonic sensibility", to echo a term used by one of the interviewees, raise our awareness of the complexity and polyphony of society? What can sound tell us about our position in the world and our relationship with our fellow human beings or with nature? How does change, or loss, sound? Radical Murmur consists of three episodes: The Sonic City, Resonances of Loss and Reflections amidst the Noise. With the collaboration of Justin Bennett, Evelien van den Broek, Peter Cusack, Mint Park, Davide Tidoni and Salomé Voegelin.

    Radical Murmur - Episode 1 – The Sonic City

    In this episode, we listen to the bustling hum of human activity, the reverberation of sounds between buildings and the familiar ring of the tram bell. What city sounds do we become attached to and why? How does sound help us navigate traffic, society and history? We climb a former Nazi bunker with sonic philosopher Salomé Voegelin, hear the squeaks and creaks of Berlin’s S-Bahn with artist and sound connoisseur Peter Cusack, and reflect on sonic utopias and ways to ‘read’ city sound with sound artist Justin Bennett in a shopping arcade in The Hague.

    TRASHLINIE is the heading under which we, a sound artist/radio maker (Sjoerd Leijten) and an architectural historian/publicist (Roel Griffioen), have been making podcasts and audio projects since 2019. With TRASHLINIE we are interested in evoking a sense of space through sound. Interviews are typically conducted on location; this means that street noise and spontaneous encounters are included in the montage. The soundscape of any street can reveal a lot about the acoustic dimensions and atmosphere of a place, and even abstract and gradually unfolding processes like gentrification, segregation or ecological degradation can be audible, or at least have an effect on the sound profile of a place.  



  • Manja Ristić - Kuda plovi ovaj brod? Where is this ship sailing?

    28 August 2023  10:15 am - 11:00 am

    Kudaplovi ovaj brod? Where is this ship sailing? is a sound work built from hydrophone recordings of underwater sound pollution. The recordings were taken over the span of 2 years in the historical town of Korčula and its immediate surroundings.

    This 40–minute long radio adaptation / sound installation is an unsettling journey revealing the dystopian realm of Adriatic noise contamination, due to increased water traffic and the insatiable urge for the expansion of industry and tourism. The work consciously exposes a disturbing marine reality in which an inexhaustible amount of mechanical sources are literally grinding the underwater soundscape.

    Manja Ristić

    Manja Ristić, born in Belgrade in 1979, is a violinist, sound artist, published poet, curator, and researcher. She graduated from the Belgrade Academy of Music (2001), then awarded at the Royal College of Music, London, with PGDip Solo/Ensemble Recitalist (2004). As a classical solo and chamber musician, as well as a composer and an improv musician She has performed all across Europe and in the US, involving collaborations with established conductors, performers, multimedia artists, poets, and theatre/film directors.

    Ristić’s sound-related research besides contemporary performance in the field of instrumental electro–acoustics, is focused on interdisciplinary approaches to sound and field recording as well as experimental radio arts.

    Ristić has created commissions for Kunstradio – Radiokunst, Radio Cona, Semi-Silent, Radiophrenia, Radio Art Zone, Radia.FM, Framework Radio, and all national broadcasting agencies across SE Europe. She co-curated sonoAdriatic Tales at Ars Electronica 2020 and in the last 20 years curated and developed a distinctive number of cultural events, international projects, cultural conferences, and educational platforms in the fields of inter-media, experimental sound-related arts, scene, and multimedia arts.

    In the last decade, Ristić has published sound art independently as well as for labels and publishing bodies: mappa, Verdure Engraved, Cona Zavod, Naviar Records, Flag Day Recordings, Framework, Inexhaustible Editions, Elan Vital Recordings, SIRR-ECORDS, Sonospace, Cities & Memories, Auropolis, UIII / AIIR, 20 Seconds Art Magazine, AMPLIFY 2020, sonic matter, and more.

Works and lives on the island of Korčula, Croatia.


  • Melissa McCarthy - All That Flow: Episode 1

    28 August 2023  11:00 am - 11:15 am

    Traffic is moving freely along the M8, clotting up after the A720. There’s a capsized vehicle in a ditch following an incident with two contradictory bicycles. We’re hearing reports of a collision, some photographers, and prosthetics near the overpass. The cars hiss by my window; the highway’s jammed. We have the fast track on movement, circulation, and vectors. Tune in for the latest travel updates and motor news, for all that flow.

    Melissa McCarthy’s next book, Photo, Phyto, Proto, Nitro, is published by Sagging Meniscus in November 2023. Sharks, Death, Surfers: An Illustrated Companion, from Sternberg Press, came out in 2019. She lives in Edinburgh and writes about art, literature, and sharks.
  • Phaune Radio - CoMute #1 - Tubes

    28 August 2023  11:15 am - 11:30 am

    "The first period of getting mixed up, getting lost is beautiful.. "
    ― Alan Watts

    September 2022, London Tube, UK

    Since the path matters more than the destination, we could let our ears and sensations drift for a journey through the bowels of the city. Follow underground and luminous lines, let ourself be carried away without intention but with attention. Travelling or clandestine sounds, real or dreamed rhythms, we let you take your place on board and we offer you the journey to somewhere else.

    For its tenth season of podcasts, Phaune Radio transports you to the joy of a mutating reality where space-time could well expand. Rarely one-way voice, sense of disorientation and just passing frequencies… Don’t miss the connections!

    [Huge thanks to Mark Watts and the Alan Watts Organization for their support!] (English Speaking)
    Transcript / translation:
  • Buffer Zone

    28 August 2023  11:30 am - 12:00 pm

    1) torschlusspanik - the sight of me repulses me (4:40)
    2) Adriana Minu and Tim Murray-Browne - Driving around Bucharest in the Lupo on 17 November 2018 (6:52)
    3) Johnny Dixon - PenintaMES - 1 (3:14)

    1) torschlusspanik - the sight of me repulses me 

    Originated in 2013, Torschlusspanik is a middle-aged Tennessee gal’s outlet for mostly unpleasant and nonrealistic music that has been summarized as “maximalist electro-acoustic” in the past. A wide scramble of sounds are crudely forced into sound collage and (vague) song format intended for weaponizing emotional overstimulation and mulling over lost opportunity as time is near expired.
    2) Adriana Minu and Tim Murray-Browne - Driving around Bucharest in the Lupo on 17 November 2018

    Driving around Bucharest in the Lupo on 17 November 2018

    The Lupo was a special car. One day driving around Bucharest we discovered that if we set the radio to AM static, we could listen to all her electrical activities. The Lupo has now given up the ghost, but our car in Glasgow holds our final analog radio. This broadcast is in memory of the Lupo, that she may sing again in the cars of Glasgow.

    Adriana Minu and Tim Murray-Browne are Glasgow-based artists exploring embodiment, intense vocal performance, agency in human-machine relationships and AI mysticism. They make music together as Sun Infuzhiun.
    3) Johnny Dixon - PenintaMES - 1 

    The new ‘PenintaMES’ form takes 50 lines of Mark E Smith’s lyrics from his songs with The Fall group.

    Although clearly derived from the Cento form, invented to give new and abstract life to Homer’s verse, the PenintaMES is a new poetic form specifically and specially invented for Radiophrenia 2023 to play a little with Mark E Smith’s words.

    Lines were selected using the FallFriday hashtag on the now defunct Twitter app. Any single quoted line or, if more than one line was quoted then the first or middle line, was used. If no lines were quoted in the tweet a quick glance at the whole song lyrics was enough to take a single line.

    A debt of gratitude is owed to The Annotated Fall website for compiling the complete lyrics, and to everyone who has ever tweeted using the FallFriday hashtag. And of course to MES for the endless diversions his work provides.
  • Production 8 - Astrid Björklund - An Oneirophonic Account of a Venture to the Second Moon

    28 August 2023  12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

    In 2019, a new natural satellite was discovered orbiting our moon. Things have not been the same since.

    One day you are here. And then suddenly you’re not here. You’re not anywhere. In “An Oneirophonic Account of a Venture to the Second Moon” a disembodied voice recollects its memories of a failed expedition to the satellite orbiting Earth’s moon: the second moon. This piece – part science fiction radio drama, part fragmented soundscape – weaves a sonic tapestry that attempts to explain what it’s like to be consumed by the unknown – something that words alone can’t describe – creating a narrative set outside time and reality.

    Written, recorded and edited by Astrid Björklund.

    Several voices in this work have been synthesised using ElevenLabs.

    All things in this piece are fictional, except for the things that are not.

    Astrid Björklund is a Swedish visual artist and amateur sound weaver. Her work draws on the theories of the “Chthonic” (of relating to, or in, the underground), fiction, mythmaking, and thoughts surrounding the uncertainty, awe and ambiguity of life, with a pinch of existential dread. Noise, music and ambience for this work have been created using various synthesised, found, created and recorded sounds.
  • Leonie Roessler & Mark Vernon - Light Cloud and a Moderate Disease

    28 August 2023  12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

    A meditation on memory and clarity - attachments to objects, people and places, losing and finding things, letting go of things, the blurring of edges and the obfuscation of meaning.
    Produced during a micro residency at Studio LOOS, Den Haag in September 2022.

    A studio LOOS production by Leonie Roessler & Mark Vernon.

    Leonie Roessler - Composer, performer and radio maker raised in Germany and the US, now based in The Hague, Netherlands.  Leonie captures her environment with field recordings, which she uses for radio pieces, sound installations, and instrumental compositions. She runs the radio branch of Studio LOOS in The Hague, has a monthly show called Tales in Sound on CAMP radio, and co-manages Iranian record label Noise à Noise. Her works have been released through Musica Dispersa (Spain/UK), and Noise á Noise (Iran), Biodiversitàs, Syrphe  and have been physically archived in the British Library.

    Facebook: Leonie Roessler
    Instagram: ljroessler

    Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound artist and radio producer who works with found tapes and acousmatic presence. His audio agglomerations explore themes of magnetic memory, audio archaeology, voyeurism and nostalgia. A rich collection of domestic tape recordings; audio letters, answer-phone messages and other lost voices often insinuate themselves into his unorthodox soundworlds. He co-runs and curates Glasgow art radio station, Radiophrenia.
  • Shorts 22

    28 August 2023  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    1 - Riccardo Tesorini - Agoraphobie de l'infini    (5:00)
    2 - Caitlin Merrett King - The Real Me (22:53)
    3 - Andreja Andric - Enviroscapes (15:00)
    4 - Ela Orleans - Jeudi (4:52)
    5 - Dream Diary - OST #1: A3 (1:00)
    6 - Sisters Akousmatika - Border_Radio Chapter 2: Spectrum Auction (3:37)
    7 - Fernando Curiel - La puerta de Ariel (6:26)
    1 - Riccardo Tesorini - Agoraphobie de l'infini    

    Suddenly, in a quiet moment: dust, lacerations and sudden changes on other dimensions, transmitted by the voice that becomes a figure. Until it fades out, exploding into a thousand frayed fragments. A dramaturgy of the end, abrupt and strident, which between its edges finds subtle and curved landscapes in the total loss of the spirit.

    Voice I: Riccardo Toccacielo
    Voice II: Matilde Fratteggiani Bianchi

    Riccardo Tesorini lives and works in Bologna, Italy. He is graduated at the ‘F. Morlacchi’ Conservatory in Perugia in "Electronic Music and New Technologies”. He is currently completing his studies at Conservatory “G.B Martini in Bologna” in Sound Design. His work encompasses different activities, ranging from soundtracks and sound design as well as the realization of sound installations and sound art. Stylistically, his work is marked by an introspective vision coupled with a tireless inspiration towards nature, which is seen as an essential condition for harmony.

    2 - Caitlin Merrett King - The Real Me

    The Real Me is an abridged and collaged adaptation of the novella Always Open, Always Closed by Caitlin Merrett King (published Summer 2023), a homage to Lynne Tillman’s ‘Madame Realism’ that follows Ms Real, an art critic in her early 30s living in Glasgow. Teasing the aesthetics of audio books and radio plays, aural accessibility and contemporary intellectual and social capital are poked at in equal measure during a whirlwind of intimate and awkward encounters falling from the catwalk to the lecture theatre to the kitchen table to the exhibition opening ad infinitum over the course of one sweaty evening.

    Caitlin Merrett King is a writer and programmer based in Glasgow. She has published writing with Sticky Fingers, MAP Magazine, Nothing Personal and Pilot Press. She graduated from MLitt Art Writing at Glasgow School of Art in 2022 and was awarded The Yellow Paper Prize for New Writing; The Yellow Paper will publish her pamphlet of new writing, ‘The Ludacrously Capacious Bag’ in late 2023. Her debut novella ‘Always Open, Always Closed’ will be published by JOAN in summer 2023.

    3 - Andreja Andric - Enviroscapes        

    Enviroscapes is a cycle of three soundscapes with environmental themes. The movements of the cycle are:
    1. Trashscape
    2. Rustle
    3. Wind-Rain Circles

    The first movement, Trashscape, is a brief electroacoustic soundscape based on sounds of trash: dumping trash in bins, sounds of trash
    compactors, crumpling of trash bags and the like. The second movement is dedicated to Pseudochazara cingovskii, a species of butterfly, found only in the North Macedonian village of Pletva. The third movement, Wind-Rain Circles, is based on sounds of natural elements of rain and wind.

    Andreja Andric (born 1973) is a Serbian composer and programmer, living in Aarhus in Denmark. He explores the intersections of
    mathematical processes, intuition and chance and uses computer programming as key means of artistic expression. With a primary
    interest in composition and performance for his networked laptop/smartphone ensemble, he is also active as composer of vocal and
    instrumental music. His work has been performed on festivals such as ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) 2022, Limerick,
    Ireland, ISCM World Music Days 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia, and many others. Holds a PhD in Music Informatics from the State University of
    Milan, Italy.

    4 - Ela Orleans - Jeudi

    Jeudi (Thursday in French) - made for the film by French artist Michel Zumpf  on the basis of The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare is a 1908 novel by G. K. Chesterton. The book has been described as a metaphysical thriller.The film is a two hour hauntological  tour de force between Paris and London, full of photographs, cinematic impressions, portraits of actors both amateur and professional who read or recite fragments of Chesterton's thriller or other related pieces of literature. A true masterpiece you might not be lucky enough to see as the artist nurses his mystery and obscurity.

    5 - Dream Diary - OST #1: A3

    Border_Radio is a conceptual inquiry about ownership of the airwaves. Originally commissioned as a video and ‘radio play’ script for Donner forme a l’ether Espace Multimedia Gatner (France). The Border_Radio play is written in three acts: Phonic atolls ~  Spectrum Auction ~ Decolonising Wavelengths. Each act represents an unfolding conceptual space, exploring questions about sovereignty, ownership, transmission law and international treaties, history and potentialities.

    6 - Sisters Akousmatica (lutruwita/Tasmania, AUS)

    Sisters Akousmatica is the collaborative, expanded radio project of Julia Drouhin and Phillipa (Pip) Stafford – exploring the radical possibilities of transmission since 2016. Sisters Akousmatica weave projects in, around, with and for radio. Their work is concerned with collective, feminist radio practices and auditory-spatial exploration.

    7 - Fernando Curiel - La puerta de Ariel

    La puerta de Ariel is an octophonic electroacoustic work. It seeks to introduce itself to certain auditory scenes that are eventually presented to us. Here there is a sound territory where broad timbre layers are developed within a fine line between everyday and distant sounds, that is to say, acoustic spaces are developed with simple and distant materials as well. The original sound materials that were used were obtained from the main door of Ariel Gato's recording studio.

    Fernando Curiel, Argentine composer, pianist, improviser, pedagogue. He graduated from the "Julián Aguirre Superior Conservatory of Music", Province of Buenos Aires. Senior Professor with a specialty in Composition and Music Composer with a specialty in Symphonic and Chamber Music, Master in Music Education. His creative search focuses on the articulation between "Instrumental and Electroacoustic" music, with a biological conception of the artistic work from those ancient and sensitive materials, immersing himself in musical theater, improvisation and new technologies. Executive Member of the "MUSLAB" headquarters Argentina.
  • Pablo Sanz - Fuerteventura

    28 August 2023  2:00 pm - 2:20 pm


    Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands. It is known for its powerful winds and plentiful beaches. This composition focuses on wind and water, listening to their movements and influence throughout the island’s coastal and arid expansive landscapes and human-made infrastructures. The piece strolls through boreholes, windmills, the nuances of the ocean’s ebb and flow along with rocks, pebbles and sand, and the activities of animal species at dusk in a dry reservoir.
    CANARIAS SOUNDWALK explores the sonic ecologies of the Canary Islands archipelago, presenting seven compositions for headphone listening created with environmental sound materials from each of the seven main islands: El Hierro, La Gomera, La Palma, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote.

    The project investigates the vitality of more-than-human entities and realities, aiming to promote less anthropocentric ways of being and thinking. Through different listening strategies and audio technologies, the work concentrates on what usually remains hidden or unnoticed, on the limits and thresholds of perception and attention. The project focuses on the voices and audible presence of animal and plant species, air, soil, water, weather, and landscape formations. Furthermore, it acknowledges the affective power of sounds themselves. This project embraces listening as a creative act, a form of attention, and a tool to investigate the world. It attempts to cultivate intimate sensory encounters favouring affectivity over signification and representation.

    The project was originally commissioned by the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain in the US as a permanent public invisible artwork available at multiple locations in Washington, DC. Additional support from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland (ACNI), the Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden) and the Visby International Centre for Composers (VICC). Fieldwork and production assistance: Palma E. Christian Martínez. Special thanks to Garajonay National Park, Teide National Park, and Timanfaya National Park.

  • Miradasvacas - CRACK FM

    28 August 2023  2:20 pm - 3:00 pm

    CRACK FM consists on a recording made during a car trip from Collado Villalba to Madrid in which the driver alternates between frequencies on the fm/am radio while incorporating internal and external sounds. Once arrived to Madrid the recording was directly reproduced and manipulated live using only a reel to reel. The resulting piece is considered to have acquired a certain cinematographic feel in which reality and fiction strangely coexist. Miradasvacas is a duo formed between Pablo Mirón and Juan Vacas, in which they explore the boundaries between pre-recorded – field recordings or found materials – and original live sound through a series of manipulations with different media such as radios, reel to reels’, turntables or cassette players along with more traditional instrumentation. They both belong to the experimental music collective from Madrid, Real No Real.
  • Garance Buxtorf - Bridging silences / Recoller les silences live in the studio

    28 August 2023  3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    A multilayered sound installation which incorporates a spoken-word performance and an audio tape recorder to interact with the live performance. I will edit all my poems on my computer. In an order I know while performing. I will transfer this audio edit from my computer to the audio tape recorder. I will create a unique piece of sound by pressing the buttons that forward and reverse the audio tape, to control the story being told, adding, pausing, changing the poems in real time, interacting with it with my voice and a microphone.

    Garance Buxtorf is a 23-year-old French artist, she is studying for a Master's degree in Speculative Narration at the Graphic Research School in Brussels, Belgium, but lives in Bologna, Italy for Erasmus program. She is part of the artist collective and Radio« P-Node ». She grew up between France, the United Kingdom and Morocco. She is interested in various ways of writing the world through sound: sound performances, spoken-word, poetry, radio, songs and sound experimentation. Her practice, between documentary and fiction, is oriented around the themes of friendship, love, nightlife, and intimacy.
  • Valerio Tricoli - Angolazioni Inusuali Della Tua Camera Da Letto

    28 August 2023  3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

    A concrete music by Valerio Tricoli. Recorded at my house in Munich, in the afternoon of July 14, 2020 Edited and composed in the morning of July 15, 2020 The piece was assembled out of three improvisations with the Revox tape recorder, inputing field-recordings, found sounds, contact microphones, feedback and a digital FM synthesizer. It starts so abruptly because I only remembered to push the record button halfway through the first take. This music hasn't been mastered. Please adjust your volume accordingly - louder then usual, I guess -   Originally recorded for Amplify 2020 festival.
  • Kunstradio 1 - "Anders-stimmen" by Antye Greie aka poemproducer

    28 August 2023  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    Antye Greie aka AGF poemproducer is a sound artist, composer, poet, curator and active member of the female-pressure network. She has collaborated with Vladislav Delay, Gudrun Gut, Eliane Radigue, Rupert Huber, Craig Armstrong and many more. Her work deals with the relation between sound, speech, voice and communication, and in her new audio work for Kunstradio, she puts an emphasis on processes of hearing and listening.

    “Acoustic perception. Hypersound, oscillations, ears, events, Listening in the static, making audible what is underneath the surface. Listening, process of hearing, outer ear, inner ear, middle ear, cochlea, eardrum, threshold of acoustic pain, deafness, numbness, numbness of the soul. Frequency range and stories. What does it mean to listen? Listening to the other, acoustic identification, characters, misunderstandings, acoustic memory. Listening comprehension, signal of noise and speech, diagnostics, impedance matching. I want to learn to listen. To listen deeply and even much deeper.” (Antye Greie)


    Length: 48’09''

    00’00'' Hörst Du Mich?
    00’25'' Tieferhören
    02’40'' Interferenzklang
    04’57'' Innerer Wasserfall (1)
    08’01'' Auditschwelle & Tor-wahrnehmung (source text wikipedia)
    10’02'' Japanische Krähenvariationen (2)
    11’02'' Vom Hören zum Verstehen
    11’42'' time, time, time frame (3)
    13’20’’ Impedanzanpassung
    14’18’' Dem Anderen zuhören
    15’30'' Im Netz multidimensional zuhören (4)
    20’02’’ Meine Stimme ist klar, warm und alt: Sie hat schon mit den Winden gesungen
    22’22’’ FURCHT
    25’06’’ Steinen und Steintrollen lauschen (5)
    30’35’’ Hausrind, Jungbullen, Ochsen, Schnitzkalbinnen, Melkvieh, Goldvieh (6)
    33’51’’ Runterbrechen auf das Ich (7)
    37’02’' Viyan Peyman (Kurdish freedom fighter and activist) (8)
    40’23’’ Das Privileg gehört zu werden
    41’03’’ Sonic Boat Journey with Ryoko Akama & Paavo Isola (9)


    (1) Feldaufnahmen von Rovijoki, Wasserfall nahe der Finnisch-Norwegischen Grenze
    (2) Krähen wurden in Sapporo, Japan aufgenommen und als AGF-ish empfunden
    (3) Auszug aus >if*true~time[x]1+2=you.\<
    (4) Ambientversion von Vast & Limitless aus Kon:3p>UTION to: e[VOL]ution
    (5) Abgeleitet von Aufnahmen mit dem Kollektiv Sonic Wild Code in Kilpisjärvi während des Hybrid Matters Fieldnotes Camp 2015
    (6) Aufnahmen von Mastkühen in der Farm Kujala Hailuoto während des Hai Art Projektes 'Animality & Vulnerability - A Dance For Cows', 2013 in Hailuoto
    (7) Auszug aus dem Dance Score ‘Ghosting’ Japan 2015
    (8) Originale Aufnahme Kobane - Viyan Peyman Viyan ist im Kampf gestorben und ihre Stimme steht für viele die im Kampf ihr Leben lassen mussten. Hintergrund:
    (9) Sonic Boat Journey war Teil von ‘Case Pyhäjoki – Artistic reflections on nuclear influence’ eine transdisziplinäre, artistische Expedition, Workshop und Präsentation von Events in Pyhäjoki, North Ostrobothnia, Finnland, im August 2013. Das 6. Atomkraftwerk soll an diesem Ort Hanhikivi Cape in Pyhäjoki entstehen. Dokumentation:
    Diese Aufnahme ist uneditiert und erstmals so veröffentlicht.
  • Stevie Jones - Siloed Thinking

    28 August 2023  5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    Siloed Thinking is a radiophonic soundscape composition based around field recordings from the Cupar silo, a vast cylindrical warehouse dominating the Cupar skyline, in a state of dereliction since the 70s. Incorporating oral histories recorded by photographer Carolyn Scott, the piece engages with the social and historical context of the building, while interrogating the site through improvisatory, performative, self-reflexive methods.  Making use of radio transmission throughout the site, Siloed Thinking complicates and collapses space, explores the grain and decay of radio and offers a fragmented, mercurial navigation through imaginary and corporeal spaces combined.  It seeks a balance between the ambiguity and narrative possibilities of subjective listening and a conscious, cultural sensitivity.    A recursive companion film, Live at the Cupar Silo, deconstructing a series of site-specific performances utilising tape, microcontrollers and interactive music systems, works with similar site abstracted materials. Live at the Cupar Silo, a kind of audiovisual remix of the performances, will be available to view on the Radiophrenia website at the time of transmission. Siloed Thinking is followed by two related pieces from Jones. Firstly, Transducers is a field recording composition based around sustainable energy production in Glasgow, similarly blurring boundaries between environment, instrument and performer. This precedes A Silk Purse, a modular synthesiser-based work which takes an oral history of Scotland’s performing magic community as it’s point of departure.
  • Buffer Zone

    28 August 2023  5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

    1) Jasna Veličković    - remote_backgrounds_II (3:35)
    2) Valerio Tricoli - Miseri Lares - 01 -  La Distanza (16:08)
  • Torschlusspanik - 5α-Reductase 2 Deficiency

    28 August 2023  6:00 pm - 6:30 pm

    "5α-Reductase 2 Deficiency" is a loosely sequential montage of edited found and created sounds created while the author fixated on disciplinarian violence, traditionalist child grooming, self-immolation fantasies, queer venereal horror, childhood trauma, and extreme examples of communication breakdown.
    Originated in 2013, Torschlusspanik is a middle-aged Tennessee gal's outlet for mostly unpleasant and nonrealistic music that has been summarized as "maximalist electro-acoustic" in the past. A wide scramble of sounds are crudely forced into sound collage and (vague) song format intended for weaponizing emotional overstimulation and mulling over lost opportunity as time is near expired.
  • Phaune Radio - Earigami #10: Rooftop

    28 August 2023  6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

     "The end is where we start from"
    ― TS Eliot

    June 2022, London, UK

    On the other side, settling in a back Channel, we end this season by leaning on the mineral and glazed heights of the city. There, under a scraping sky, in a hanging garden, it’s simmer time. Between 12 towers, dizzying stopover in Shoreditch, London.

    Earigami, every month, like a game, a ritual of multiplying dimensions and perspectives, tuning in every other end of the world, on the edges, at the fringes, in between, to get to know otherwise. So inside, out, in the present. Among others.
 (French Speaking)
  • Nichola Scrutton - Night Vision

    28 August 2023  7:00 pm - 7:45 pm

    Night Vision is a contemplative vocal sound work. At its core is a large body of text written during the night over a two-year period, lying down in a semiconscious state - a very different starting place for me as a composer and artist. I selected around 50 excerpts from the main text. A Night Vision album was released in 2023. The excerpts unfold in chronological order within an atmospheric soundscape composed using ensemble improvisations and my own voice/studio recordings. 

    Performers: Alison Peebles, Louise Montgomery, Nalini Chetty, Ian Spink, Mairi Morrison. Recorded, mixed, mastered: Jim McEwan.

    Nichola Scrutton is an award-winning composer/sound artist, vocalist and artist who works across a range of media.
    Other Links:
    T: @NicholaScrutton
    IG: @nic_scrutton
  • Maria Papadomanolaki - Scaffolding of the heart

    28 August 2023  7:45 pm - 8:00 pm

    Initially presented as a live performance in 2021, Scaffolding of the heart, explores a relationship of deconstruction; a preamble to loss. Taking as its starting point a text found in a diy-zine by a Greek queer performance artist, the work uses a series of field recordings collected from Papadomanolaki’s own home in Chania, Crete to explore the fading relationship between self and (M)other. As heard through the repetitive calls to Mother-Μητέρα, the latter’s presence acts as a vanishing point in the canvas of the work.

    Maria Papadomanolaki is a sound artist based in Chania, Crete, Greece. Papadomanolaki has studied linguistics and literature at the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki before moving on to sound art and sound studies, having completed a PhD on the topic ‘Sonic Perceptual Ecologies’ at CRISAP, LCC, UAL. Her work and research focus on the role of sound in the way we engage with our environments, with memory, placemaking and perception. Special importance is placed on the synergy of electroacoustic and electronic music, transmission art and creative ecological practices.
  • Sam Sebren - Ocracoke Collage: a suite in 3 movements

    28 August 2023  8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    1st event:  the ferry, the rain, the dishwasher  (22:32)

    2nd event:  the blues, the wind, the news  (24:01)

    3rd event:  the birds, the planes, the ocean  (05:06)

    Conceived for radio broadcast as a deep listening, radio theatre experience, this piece is composed from recordings made during a visit to the island of Ocracoke, NC in 2021. Classic themes of man vs nature & man vs machine recur.

    Sam Sebren:  electronics, processed radio & tv tuning, field recordings, processed kalimba, vocals

     Sam Sebren works in installation, collage, painting, photography, video, public works, and  sound-based works with ties to noise and experimental music.  His radio works for Wave Farm/WGXC have been broadcast nationally and internationally on Pacifica stations and on the Radia Network. He was awarded a Wave Farm residency  and produced “Re:Search”, an un-documentary about the history of radio artists. Sebren has  exhibited widely in galleries and universities, also in film festivals, unsanctioned public interventions and non-profit spaces.  He hosts “The Nothing Is Real Radio Hour” and “Everything Is Real Radio” programs on Wave Farm/WGXC.


    Wave Farm Transmission Arts Artist link w/ works, shows, audio archives, images, broadcasts, and events:

    Nothing Is Real Radio Hour:

    Everything Is Real Radio:


    Stick Sellers (solo sound projects):

    SS space systems (duo electronics project):

    Bird Perverts (duo project):


    nothingisrealvideo  YouTube channel with many videos made for my own sound works or for sound collaborations, several have been in film fests:
  • Carlo Patrão - Working with what you have

    28 August 2023  9:00 pm - 9:40 pm

    Working With What You Have is a radio piece composed of field recordings collected during one year of work (2022-2023) in Manhattan, NY. This piece follows the making of a tonkatsu ramen soup in a compact kitchen in Midtown. This type of ramen is known for its long periods of cooking that can extend for over 12 hours. The sounds of the different stages of preparing the ramen broth are interwoven with the fast-paced rhythms of commuting to the city, the sounds of the subway, traffic, sirens, walkways, and workers. A sonic feature of Midtown, Manhattan, brought forward in this piece is the sound of artificial waterfalls abundant in small pocket gardens between corporate buildings, offices, and international consulates. The anesthetic quality of the sounds of the artificial waterfall in an otherwise stressful environment is a revealing piece of the fabric of this neighborhood. Its calmness and sense of rest constitute a feature of the capitalist structure of the city and the sense of empire-building, business as usual, serenity, and high productivity at work. *The ramen broth is made of pork and chicken bones and served with chashu, toasted minced garlic, scallions, egg, and bean sprouts.
  • Evan Roberts - 5 radio shorts

    28 August 2023  9:40 pm - 10:00 pm

    The Masturbation Coach
    Ed helps you pleasure better

    The Sound Healer
    Kelly Anne opens her throat up for the divine

    The Body Waxer
    Lonni grooms nether parts

    The Knife Sharpener
    Jivano works on the edge
    The Jizz Mopper
    Tristan isn’t shocked by a pig’s head

    Evan Roberts is an artist and audio producer based in San Francisco.
  • Shorts 36

    28 August 2023  10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    1) Magda Lampropoulou - Speech Chain (1:00)
    2) Strabisme auditif -  Cossos Escoltat (10:17)
    3) Amy Beeston - Wave by wave (12:01)
    4) Tam Lines  - Bench Loop 2 (16:50)
    5) Arturo Pacheco Manzano - ACEITE DE CAGUAMA (Loggerhead oil) (3:50)
    6) Raincat - The Invisible Hand (15:00)

    1) Magda Lampropoulou - Speech Chain

    In this piece we listen to various words in Greek which gradually transform into other words, by removing a letter or syllable each time they are repeated. My aim in composing the words this way is to convey the confusion caused by mishearing as I seek to express an alternative empathic experience of hearing-impaired people.

    {e.g, we hear the phrase "-Μ' ακούς;" [Makus?] (= "Can you hear me?") and then the word [Fisika] (=Of course), which I replay continuously [fisika-fska-skafi-kapos-kopos-topos-postopes], until it concludes with the phrase [Pos to pes] (= What did you say?)}.  

    Magda Lampropoulou (b. 1977 Athens) is a sculptress and sound artist based in Athens, Greece. Her work engages with diverse, expressive media including audio, performance, sculpture, installations, and video. She works with the medium of sound, creating artworks associated with hearing problems, seeking a different empathic concurrency of the audience. She holds a degree in Sculpture (MArt) from the Athens School of Fine Arts (2004). Her participation in exhibitions, festivals, artistic radio podcasts and residencies ("Tectonics Athens21", Onassis Cultural Centre/ "Works for Radio #4", The Lake Radio/ Space21 Radio Art Festival, Kurdistan), has resulted in her identifying her work methodology.

    2) Strabisme auditif -  Cossos Escoltat

    The piece mixes a noisy and instrumental musical composition composed with an electric organ and effects pedals, sound recordings made during the feminist demonstration of March 8, 2022 in Brussels and a capture of body sounds (heartbeats, skin rubbing, breaths) with a piezo microphone.

    Born in Toulouse in 1991, I’m a sound artist and social sciences’s researcher. In my artistic practice, I combine sound recording and music, with the aim of bringing philosophical and sociological questions to life. I'm particularly interested in the functioning of communities and the creation of the social link. Started in radio by La Fabrique de la Nuit, Radio Brume (Lyon), I multiply research angles by offering original sound objects that combine music and documentary. My work also takes place in the field of live performance and cultural mediation.

    Strabisme auditif is one of my artistic's name. Here my personal website :

    3) Amy Beeston - Wave by wave

    Wave by wave is a whispered ‘note to self’ that revisits the text of a postcard I sent myself in 2020 while following Julia Cameron’s book The Artists Way. It sequences short, unvoiced phrases – ones that still felt unspeakable two full years later, when wave after wave of shocking events had reduced everything around to a raw kind of rubble. It is an attempt to hold firm – a reminder to find the good things in life, and to chose these as foundations for building the future.

    Amy Beeston is a sound artist whose work encourages others to listen more deeply to their everyday environments. Her practice is interdisciplinary and collaborative, allowing her to repurpose scientific studies in human hearing and machine listening to create ecologically-minded sound installations and participative listening experiences. She creates small wall-hung works with fixed-media soundtracks and large room-sized sound environments that alter their soundscape in response to their listeners' sonic emissions. Since moving to Orkney in 2018 her work is increasingly carbon-conscious, and is heavily influenced by principles of acoustic ecology and environmental sustainability.

    4) Tam Lines  - Bench Loop 2

    Bench Loop 1 is part of an ongoing search for paralysing loops, loops which, similar to drones, can hold the listener in perpetual stasis. The loop in this piece is an electronically processed field recording of a metal bench, and while it loops perpetually, the intricacies of the patch create subtle variations in timing and texture.

    From the same recording as Bench Loop 1, Bench Loop 2 indulges in an extended drone, slowly shifting and shimmering between dark metallic textures.

    Tam Lines is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and musician. Their work touches on the boundaries between the human and nonhuman, incorporating new materialism and queer theory, cybernetics, horror media and introspective poetic approaches. They compose industrial soundscapes, crooked loops and cramped beats under the moniker Tam Lin.

    5) Arturo Pacheco Manzano - ACEITE DE CAGUAMA (Loggerhead oil)

    The audio production presented in this case is inspired on the voice from a tape you can listen on street market from a long time. It is a exotic soundscape production with voice over and music, noise, ambient recording in street markets around Mexico City.

    Arturo Pacheco Manzano (Xochimilco, Mexico City, Mexico)
    Radialist, musician, psychologist from Mexico City. He has worked as a transcriber, musical arranger and instrumental performer in various cultural events in Mexico and other countries. Research psychologist and consultant, therapist, university teacher and school prefect. He has also collaborated since the time of the pandemic with cultural groups and in free and community radio production in different territories of the country and on the internet.

    6) Raincat - The Invisible Hand

    Sound sculptures made with litter objects including nails, wire and bits of metal were played with a violin bow, creating layers of slowly building, shifting tones. No digital manipulation was used, instead the inherent resonance of the materials was allowed to speak.
    The Invisible Hand is a metaphor used by Adam Smith to extole some of capitalism's unintentional virtues. Raincat uses it to allude to litter creation and the problems of waste inherent in capitalism. In context, it also relates to the non-visual dimension of a radio broadcast.

    Raincat is Dougie Taylor, a visionary sound artist who crafts immersive sonic experiences using found litter objects. His creative process is inspired by animism, the occult, and anti-capitalist ideas, leading him to engage with discarded objects in the hope of discovering something secret and enchanting. Raincat's creations invite listeners to consider alternative ways of understanding the world that prioritize interconnectedness and interdependence over individual gain and profit. By working with litter, Raincat subverts the prevailing paradigm of consumption and waste and encourages us to rethink our relationship with the world around us.
  • NoNothing - Actuality

    28 August 2023  11:00 pm - 29 August 2023  12:00 am

    An explorational homage to the "bedroom weirdo scene", that is, pre-internet audio compositions made in bedrooms by weirdos, not necessarily with a sleep or sexual connotation, for the mail-art cassette trading network. Features Mark Reeve, Liam Olan, Rocky Roller & The Rocks, The Distortionists and The Thrybergh Rastas.
29 August 2023
  • NoNothing - Actuality

    28 August 2023  11:00 pm - 29 August 2023  12:00 am

    An explorational homage to the "bedroom weirdo scene", that is, pre-internet audio compositions made in bedrooms by weirdos, not necessarily with a sleep or sexual connotation, for the mail-art cassette trading network. Features Mark Reeve, Liam Olan, Rocky Roller & The Rocks, The Distortionists and The Thrybergh Rastas.