Everything has changed already

At 6:30pm this evening Isa Stragliati presents ‘Everything has changed already

“A close friend sent me a voicemail from afar during a difficult time…”

An improvised vinyl mix with music and sounds by Fripp & Eno, Multer, Reznicek, Pierre Henry, C-Schultz & Hajsch, Bergen, Institut Für Feinmotorik, Reuber, Eliane Radigue & more.

This programme will also be repeated at 6.30pm on Sunday, 3rd September.

Isa Stragliati is sound artist, radio producer, composer and DJ. Originally coming from the visual arts, she turned to the sound medium in 2002 through DJing, as an extension of her approach to film editing (under the moniker Rescue). She then practiced numerous aspects of radio production before reconciling it with her creative work. Her productions and live performances, involving field recording as much as documentary, concrete music or techno, have been aired on international networks and national radio stations, during festivals and events and in contemporary art centres.