66 Montclaire

At 10:30am Sam Bland presents ’66 Montclaire

“This project is based around a collection of cassette tapes I discovered. Recorded by my grandfather before I was born, the tapes contain a mixture of recorded family discussions, radio recordings and music compilations, all recorded in the same council house in South Wales, 66 Montclaire Avenue. My intention as a composer, was both to explore the nuanced environment held within the tapes, as well as the people themselves and the wider social and political issues presented. This, I hope, allows for a meaningful relationship between sound and context to be created, one that conjures nostalgia and evokes memories.”

Sam Bland is a sonic artist, composer and workshop leader, interested in the potential of sound art to investigate social history. He is a recent post-graduate from the University of Birmingham, where he completed an MA in Electroacoustic Composition. His work often combines interviews, field and archive recordings and electronics, to produce dense and politically engaged soundscapes. His recent project, 66 Montclaire, was selected for the Daegu International Computer Music Festival 2022. Sam has also received commissions from Croydon Council, the Croydon Art Store and We’re All Bats Listening Arts Channel, to run community based sound projects.