At 3pm today gobscure presents maelstrom.

12 hours in freezing piss after our worst fall. takes 6 emergency service workers, two and a half hours n max-morphine to scrape us into back ov ambulance once one can be found … ta nhs-workers for saving our life and teaching us to move again despite the broken-system … experimental radio including our fragments ov townes van zandts waitin round to die recorded on fairphone in hospital / ambulance once we could move, later processed, edited, layered, a little glitch. ta lategirl aka laura stutter garcia aka for ‘interview’ (edited lightly by us) / mentoring in general

gobscure. tyneside-based, we layer field-recordings with words & manipulated sound, encouraging listeners to slow down & feel. self-taught, we bring childlike wonder & playfulness to our sound-collages. samples ov rivers, a nuclear power station, marbles, home-made percussion n fragments ov childhood-song might be woven to address issues such as homelessness, disability n bisexuality (all lived experience). international commissions and broadcasts; app-based sound walk for sonic arts week; sound design for theatre. two Sound&Music awards; arts&heritage award; supported by Unlimited; radiophrenia; Alma Zevi Venice; GIFT festival; Sage Gateshead

‘like a dream collapsing around the edges’ disability arts online