Ezio Piermattei

commissioned radio productions

Ezio Piermattei – “A Blurred Raganella”

TX: Tuesday, 22nd August, Midday – 12.30pm + Thursday, 24th August, 6pm – 6.30pm

I received this commission proposal on March 14. The same day, my Grandmother Lea turned 99. On the 4th of May, she passed away. Nearly all the field recordings on it were taken on these two dates, in and around the nursing home where Nonna was cared for, using a bunch of her personal effects like: a pocket radio, a toy ratchet from 1930, a pendant reliquiary, a paper knife, her collection of pencils, a deck of cards etc. Voice, tapes, instrument and electronics have been recorded at home after her departure. 


Ezio Piermattei (b. 1980) is an italian sound artist living in Turin, Piedmont. He  has released solo and collaborative recordings  through Chocolate Monk, More Mars,  My Dance The Skull, Steep Gloss, Discombobulate, Staaltape, Joy De Vivre, Nashazphone. Piermattei also plays in Triple Heater – a duo with Brighton’s F. Ampism – and runs the label Tutore Burlato.