Áine O’Dwyer

Saturday 2nd September

live-to-air performances

Áine O’Dwyer – “Court Music

CCA Theatre, from 7pm Saturday 2nd September.
Tickets: Pay what you can from the CCA Box Office

Court Music will explore the multi-dimensional reality of the CCA theatre space. Microphones will be positioned in different places around the room; underneath the audience, from underneath the stage or from inside an instrument… The audience will be given a headset to experience the live mix.  


Áine O’Dwyer is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work is informed by both the conceptual concerns of sound-art and traditional compositional techniques, embracing the broader aesthetics of sound and its relationship to environment, time, audience and structure. She has created works for large-scale and intimate settings which allow for both planned and chance events to co-exist. Often she listens out for the sonic touchstones of time and place to instruct or accompany her. Poems for Daedalus (2018), was a series of site-specific performances which O’Dwyer developed in Athens. The piece was based on the exploration of a building, its intimacies and the surrounding neighbourhood. Her book ‘Poems for play’ pays homage to the specificity of time and place. Similarly, the notion of the “holding space as extension-of-instrument” can be seen in O’Dwyer’s realisation Accompaniment for Captives (Open Ear Festival, 2019) at Horseshoe bay, Sherkin Island, Ireland. The performance was centred around the intentional choreography of two local fishing boats whose horn signals heralded an “environmental sonic tapestry of land, sea, man and animal”.