Flux & Phantoms…

At 4pm today Simon James and Angus Carlyle present a special DIY split-broadcast work.

Sheltered by a concrete harbour arm and a shingle and steel embankment built on sunken ships, Shoreham Port houses a sewage treatment works, a power station, a rock processing plant, a steel factory, wharves, lorry parks and burger vans: a backdrop for swimmers, nudists, cyclists, surfers, fishers and summer picnickers.

As they engage with the unprocessed field recordings from the zone around the canal lock, listeners are invited to use another device to simultaneously mix in “phantom frequencies” and recreate a phenomena encountered at the site: the appearance of enigmatic drones and tones at the edges of the acoustic atmosphere.

To listen to the ghost frequencies which add an extra dimension to the Radiophrenia broadcast please tune into this dedicated Soundcloud page with another device and mix the two streams in your own space: